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26 Jul 2017

GONG BATH WORKSHOP - 11th November

Sound is all around us, but certain sounds can open the gates to love so you can meet with all the things you create around yourself and realize how great the power to create happiness is in your life. We are talking about the mystical sound of gongs.

Gongs are amazing instruments. They generate powerful, intense healing vibrations which, interspersed with the sounds of Tibetan Singing Bowls and other instruments, stimulate our feelings of peace and relaxation. This allows the release of stress, and any other blocks that maybe set deep inside our inner self, on a cellular level.

Check out the sound of singing bowls at the link below:!singing-bowls/c2ej

Lilli recently attended a Gong Bath session and was so impressed that she has invited spiritual healers Jarek and Beata to hold a workshop at Studio 42 on Saturday 29th April, from 4pm to 5.15pm. The cost is £25.

Please note participants must arrive early, at 3.45pm, as latecomers will not be allowed in. Wear comfortable clothing. Bring a thick blanket to keep warm, a pillow and yoga mat.

Spaces are limited so early booking is recommended.

To book your place, call us on 0118 950 2035 or email [email protected] with Gong bath in the subject line or ask at reception.You can also book online. 
Cancellation Policy:
If you need to cancel out of the workshop and do so any time prior to 24hrs before the event, please email the studio at [email protected] and the £25 will be credited to your account. If you late cancel under 24hrs prior to class you will be charged in full.