Hot Yoga FAQs

I am a beginner. Is Hot Yoga for me? ...

Our experience shows that most classes will contain at least 25% of beginners so you will not be alone!

Hot Yoga is designed to be undertaken by all levels of student. Our teachers will identify beginners at the start of every class and ensure that they receive the appropriate level of instruction and avoid any potentially difficult exercises.

The best way to judge it is for you to come and see: we offer introductory rates and packages to minimise costs so nothing ventured – nothing gained. We think you will be pleasantly surprised!

What do I need to bring? ...

There are only 3 things you need – A Mat, Water and Towels.


Bring a yoga mat if you have one. Thick foam mats or camping mats are not suitable for what we do.

We will lend you a complimentary mat for your first class if you need one. After that, you can rent a mat from us for £1 (we also sell mats).


Bring two good-sized (bath sheet size is best) towels. You will need one (or two) to practice on and one for a shower afterwards. You can rent towels from us for £1 each if you’d prefer to travel light and have us do your washing. No hand towels, please! Remember, the sweat is your friend.


The average person will use approx 1.5 litres of water during a class.

You should avoid using chilled water as it will cool your body too quickly, room temperature is best.

You can either bring your own water or buy it at the studio for £1 per litre.

I am coming to my first class. What should I expect? ...

Then you have a lot to look forward to? Make sure you come at least 15 minutes early for you first class, so you can see our facilities and fill in a health questionnaire. You can also speak to one of our friendly staff or your instructor. If you do have a medical condition, injury or you are pregnant then make sure you inform your instructor before the class begins.

What if I have had a medical condition, injury or I am pregnant? ...

None of these in itself can be a reason not to participate; it really depends on the individual situation. Make sure you let your instructor know about your medical condition, injury or pregnancy, for as long as the condition exists. It is better to tell your instructor too many times than to forget! Remember you are important to us and your safety is one of our top priorities. You can talk to your instructor before class at reception or when she or he is screening the class.

Is there a separate class for beginners? ...

No, it really is not necessary. All the classes are suitable and designed for people of all experience levels, because we are working the poses based on our individual body types, histories and fitness levels. Besides, the people around you are there to help you. They are a great resource as you start your journey.

Why the heat? ...

The room is heated intentionally to warm muscles, which allows you to work deeper and safer, seeing the results faster. The body will tone and become slim and healthy with regularly practice, building a strong healthy looking body. You will feel great!

Heat also takes the trauma out of stretching, heals and helps prevent injuries. It also promotes sweating which helps flush toxins from your body.

For those wishing to lose weight, the heat creates an additional calorie burn (far in excess of a normal exercise) meaning that you burn more calories in less time. We all know that less calories means less weight!

What are the benefits? ...

You can burn calories with any number of forms of exercise, but we are here to tell you that you are not exercising in a way that’s going to really help you lose weight unless you are sweating. Sweating is one of the major ways your body eliminates acids. Moving your body to the point where you break a sweat promotes the pumping of the lymphatic system, which serves to remove toxins and acidic wastes from the tissues and fluids of the body and release them through the skin. Sweating opens up your pores to allow acids in both liquid and gas form to pass through.

Keeping your body in motion with Hot yoga is famously well known for being good for your heart, and of course your muscles. It is also good for your bones and your joints. Hot yoga helps reduces stress and improves mood. In fact, hot yoga is crucial for good health and critical for reaching and maintaining a healthy weight. It also increases your metabolism.

A few more benefits:

  • Regulates cholesterol in the blood
  • Calorie burning
  • Weight reduction
  • Loss of inches
  • Higher energy level
  • Better mood
  • Clear thinking
  • Feeling more flexible
  • Balance
  • Strength
  • Stretching and tones the muscles
  • Balances the endocrine glands
  • Supplies oxygen and nutrients to parts of the body that have been blocked or stagnated

What should I wear? ...

We recommend:
Woman: Top, T-shirt and shorts is very comfortable
Men: Shorts and T-shirt optional
(Not too baggy outfits, which will stick to the body and make it hard to move).

What if I am not flexible? ...

This is the most common misconception that prevents people from coming to a yoga class. However, yoga is not about how flexible you are. All that matters is that you try the right way and find your personal "edge" and you will get 100% of the benefit!

How often should I practice? ...

To achieve the best benefits we recommend 3-5 (depending upon your level of fitness) times a week. However, this really depends on the individual and what they want to achieve.

Do I need to book in advance? ...

It is not necessary to book in advance. We have built our studio to accommodate large class sizes in order to avoid turning anyone away. However, if you want true peace of mind, you can call the studio on the day and book your place in the class.

How hot is the room? ...

The ideal temperature for Hot Yoga is 35-38 degrees Centigrade. Humidity is also imprtant so we also provide additional humidity which contributes to generating sweat.

Will I lose weight practising Hot Yoga? ...

As with all things relating to weight loss, in isn’t so much what you do in the class which helps you lose weight as how you live your life outside the class. Therefore, unlike others who will do so, we will not guarantee that you will lose weight by practicing Hot Yoga.

What we can say is that if you are dedicated to losing weight, Hot Yoga will definitely help you in the process more than most regular exercise routines. This is primarily due to the calorie burn generated during the Hot Yoga class.

Several of our instructors are dieticians and life therapists and can help you in styling your life outside the class to help you lose weight if that is your key objective.

Hot Flow Pilates FAQs

What is the difference between Hot Yoga and Hot Pilates? ...

Yoga is about mind and body whilst Pilates focus on the body.

Yoga is based on the Eastern idea of moving energy through your body. The more freely the energy flows, the healthier and more energetic you feel. Physical tension hinders the flow; over time, areas of tension in your body can become tight and rigid, even painful. The goal of yoga is to keep the body supple through movement and stretching. But there's another dimension. Yoga is a holistic spiritual discipline with its roots in Eastern forms of meditation. The physical postures, although they condition the body, are really aimed at the mind. They symbolize the goal of living your life in a state of balance and composure.

Pilates is physical conditioning and there's nothing quite like it. Its creator, Joseph Pilates, was looking for a way to rehabilitate injured soldiers after World War I. He developed an assortment of curious machines with names like the "Reformer" and the "Cadillac." Using cables and trolleys and unusual body positioning, Pilates exercises stretch and strengthen and are unique in their ability to encourage coordination between the muscles that stabilize the body.

Pilates quickly became a hit with dancers, who found them a highly effective way to improve body awareness and alignment and promote graceful, fluid motion. Machine-based Pilates actually has more in common with weight training than with yoga since it involves moving against resistance (provided by springs) with the aim of overloading the muscles. In particular it resembles functional strength exercises such as squats or cable pulls. The Pilates flow mat class, which relies more on callisthenic-style exercises and stretches. This form is physically more similar to a yoga class though the emphasis is still on physical change rather than on spiritual development through postures and breathing.

What is Hot Flow Pilates? ...

Hot Flow Pilates is an all over strengthening class, where we focus on building up the core strength (strengthening the core using the deep core muscles from the inside and out) and tone the whole body. You will become strong from the “inside out” with a “flat tummy” and a toned body when done on a regular basis (works fantastically with Hot Yoga for weight loss.)

Our Hot Flow Pilates classes are designed to ensure your safety, be very effective and with the aim of inspiring you.

I am a beginner in Hot Flow Pilates, can I come to a flow class? ...

Yes you can, we have mixed classes suitable for all levels. We will challenge you with exercises at different difficulty levels. (We will also run a basic foundation Pilate’s course, where we focus on: core stability, breath, pelvis placement, ribcage placement, shoulder girdle placement and head and neck placement.)

If I don’t understand or have problems with an exercise, can I get extra help from the teacher? ...

Absolutely! Just make sure you are discreet respecting other fellow students.

If I feel tired during an exercise or feel I cannot do all the repetitions, what do I do? ...

As in Hot Yoga, it is important to listen to your body and in Hot Flow Pilates it is perfectly normal to stop when you feel tired and start again when you are ready or wait for the next exercise to start. Some people like to do a little bit of stretching at this time as well so they are not cooling down too much.

What is a Hot Flow Pilates class like? ...

A Hot Flow Pilates class is a fun class! We start with a standing warm up, which is designed to stretch, warm up and strengthen the body to prepare for the mat work. We also use breathing exercises during the warm up.

The mat work is designed to strengthen the core, tone the whole body, stretch and work with a deep focused breath pattern.

You will experience a mixture of strengthening and stretching exercises throughout the class. One exercise will naturally flow in to another in a safe, rhythmical rhythm.

We use different props to aid you in strengthening and toning the body.

We use different rhythms during the exercises.

Is there any music? ...

We use soft music that helps create the perfect relaxing atmosphere.

Will I get better coordination, body awareness and become more energised and relaxed? ...

Yes! You will improve your body control and body awareness.

You will feel stretched after class.

You will feel relaxed and energised.

How hot is the studio for Hot Flow Pilates? ...

We use the same temperature as we do in Hot Yoga which ranges from 38-42°

Be prepared to sweat!

What do I need to bring? ...

Bring a big bath towel (not a small hand towel) to place it on your mat whilst doing mat work or when working with props. It is often helpful to have 2 x towels (1 to bath stand on and one hand towel to occasionally mop your brow!)